Improving Fish Habitat

For 2015, this project is continuing and we are
looking for interested landowners

The Wisconsin Biology Technical Note 6: Tree Drops for Fish Habitat outlines requirements for tree drops which involve the placement of coarse woody debris into the water of a lake or flowage along the shoreline to
create or enhance natural reproduction and provide cover for fish.

  • The tree drop may be placed and maintained only by a riparian zone--that area where the land meets the lake or river.
  • Tree drops shall use live trees having a minimum diameter of 12” at the base.
  • The tree drop may consist of one or more trees at each site.

The LWIPA Board is working the Wisconsin DNR to identify locations where a tree drop could be recommended. Property owners will be contacted, as needed, to ascertain their interest and support of tree drops along their riparian property. If you have a location that you think would be ideal for developing fish habitat by means of the tree drop procedure, please contact Ann Gordon ( or Roger Kees (

Property owners are cautioned that we are still investigating the permit requirements for tree drops. There are specific methods for fastening and siting the drops that must be followed. It is our understanding that individual permits may be required from both the WDNR AND county zoning BEFORE establishing a tree drop. We hope to be able to facilitate obtaining needed permits for participants in a LWIPA continuing project.

Comprehensive information on permitting and establishing habitat structures is available on the  DNR website at  Again, LWIPA will facilitate this process for project participants.

For more informaiton, contact Joseph Gerbyshak, Fisheries Biologist, Wisconsin DNR, West Central Region, 1300 W Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire WI, 54701,  (715) 839-2877,