Demonstration Buffer Planting at The View

Members of the Land Use Committee and other volunteers have been involved with a
Lake Wissota Improvement & Protection Association buffer zone installation project at The View on Little Lake Wissota. 

Plants were selected that were deep-rooted, drought tolerant and could take the sunny, western exposure of this property. Funds for the project were the result of two “Chow Down for Charity” events held at the View. Warm days and rain have helped the native plant plugs settle in nicely. The plants will spend this year establishing good root systems. 

One flat each of native flowers: 
  • butterflyweed, 
  • heath and smooth aster, 
  • lanceleaf coreopsis, 
  • prairie smoke, 
  • rough blazingstar, 
  • lupine, 
  • bergamot,
  • beardtongue, 
  • black eyed Susans, 
  • showy goldenrod; 
and three flats each of native grasses:
  • little bluestem, 
  • sideoats grama, and 
  • prairie dropseed 

were planted just before the 2012 Memorial Day weekend. The plugs were planted through layers of newspaper and mulch that covered a 70 foot by 10 foot area just up from the View’s beach. 

The mature plants will help slow run off from the parking area into the lake and provide a demonstration buffer planting for riparian owners who need to replace turf grass with more lake-friendly vegetation.