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Email updates from
Adam Ericksen
Construction Manager
CBS Squared Inc.

May 20

Project update:  The bridge contractor has removed the concrete deck portion of the bridge and the steel support beams.  They have also started on the demolition of the bridge piers located in the water.  The center section of the waterway between the piers will remain open for boat traffic over the weekend.  The project is currently on schedule. 


There are Holiday Work Restrictions next Friday (5/27/16) & Monday (5/30/16) which do not allow the contractor to work for a period of time on the project due to the Memorial Day Holiday.  The center section of the waterway will remain open for boat traffic.


The Town of Lafayette has informed me there are two additional docks installed at Ray’s Beach for use by the general public to access businesses on the east side of Highway X.

April 28

Thanks again for those who were able to attend the informational meeting about the Highway X Lake Wissota Bridge Construction Project.  For those who were unable to attend, below is a brief schedule of the planned construction activities.  I plan on emailing out periodic project updates.  If you wish to stop receiving these updates reply back to me to remove your email from the mailing list.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks



Road Closure – Begins May 2nd (Early morning)

Structure Removal/Demolition – May 2nd through Mid-June

Abutment and Pier Construction – Early June through Mid-August

Roadway widening – Early July through Mid-August

Setting Concrete Beams – Mid-August

Bridge Deck Construction – Mid-August through September

Roadway Grading/Paving – Mid-September through November

Bridge construction complete – Mid-October

Project Complete – November 25, 2016